Friday, August 18, 2006

Soul on fire

Last night, I thought something really bad was going to happen. I just had that feeling.
Last night, I thought I was going to die.
It was cool in my room, temperature pleasant enough to sleep calmly, yet my heart was asunder. Something is just not right. I was all alone. And I was in bed, facing the wall.

Of course, it must be because of the kitchen window being open. The window opens up to a deserted raised platform between 2 buildings. No one walks there, but someone could. It was open, after all.
I started feeling very restless. And I started reading the shahadah over, and over again. How does one know if their time has come? My eyes started watering. Ya Rab... forgive me, forgive me. Please make this easy for me.
I'm so far from everyone else around me. How will anyone know soon enough? My life flashed before me like an image. Yes, it is time. Why else would all this be happening? Why else would I think of all this, why else would I feel this way?

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