Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Azan and Music

A few days ago, a tent was setup about 20 metres from my house. I was wondering what it was for, when I concluded today that the men were having some celebrations because I could hear Arabic music blasting away.
At 7:11pm, the muazzins began to call out the azan for Isha. The music didn't stop, I could hear the azan and the music at the same volume. For a few moments, I was quite disappointed.
Subhanallah, we lose ourselves in entertainment so easily that we forget about all the muazzins in the city who have been appointed to call people to Salah. As I heard the words, I replied to each phrase of the azan, wondering which dua of mine will be answered by Allah (swt).
At that instant, the blasting music stopped. I was surprised... could it really be? I waited for the azan to finish and said the dua for the Prophet's rank in Paradise.
Then, I went to my sister's room and peered out her window. The tent seemed empty. Looks like the men went for salah (the closest masjid is a 4-5 minute walk from the tent).


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Syra said...

It's so amazing that some prayers get instantly answered as if it's magic.
Listening to the Azaan and repeating it in heart is very peaceful and soothing.