Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A brief meeting

He said he was an avid horse rider, fluent in German, French, Urdu and English and simply loved travelling. Of course, when he said all those things, he said lots more, all about himself. It didn't take long to realise how full of himself he was. But he came all the way from Montreal to see her, may be he is genuinely interested?
They met @ Starbucks. He asked her if she wanted to try something new, and they did. Not a very mood enhancing drink, but it helped make a long conversation.
He repeated his preference was 'someone brought up here, of 3rd generation Arab or Oriental parents...' which of course neither of them were. But he flaunted his weight, just like any guy (with an ego) would.
He wanted a serious explanation. Why @ 21? Why do you make it seem like a goal that you need to get to? 'What makes you think you're even ready? My view is different, it's about...'
Her thoughts drifted away. What a loser. The guy thinks he's too good. But he's conquerable. However, not worth it. She can tell he was self-dragged into this, because he was compelled to show his greatness to her. It was his nature.
Guess he's having a real hard time with his identity. But, not for me...
And she crushed his ego flawlessly, and walked away.


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nope, non-fiction.

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LOL - foooled me there *almost*