Tuesday, June 27, 2006


He came running down the stairs and stormed into the kitchen. 'I've had enough. What is going on? Does anyone care about what she does?' His words seem directed at his mother. Her face turned into a grimace. She thought about all the times she tried to change her, talk to her, show her the light. All the times when she showed how much she was protecting her, that she needs to stop it, and get back to the right path, and now it's happening all over again. I watched quietly, not knowing what they were talking about.

His mother summoned her into the separate room. I'm sure her daughter was dreading the proceedings, but it had to be done. Time passed, I paced up and down. Finally, I was called for. To advice. To rectify. She unveiled everything that had been going on for many months. I was shocked. My disbelief was beyond control. I lost all words. And I felt defeated. Why did she never tell me? I thought to myself. Am I responsible for this? Should I forgive myself because I was away? How selfish. Very selfish.

For the rest of the days, the same thought haunted me over and over again. All I wanted to know, was, why didn't she ever tell me? Did I mean nothing? Every time she looked at her, her heart and mind urged her to ask, question, seek the answer to her painful question... but her lips would fail her.

And in the end, everything failed her, and she returned, with her un-asked question, still unanswered.

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