Friday, October 06, 2006


The water of ablution was trailing down my face, as I hurried to join the congregation. I managed to squeeze into the second row, and the Imam said his takbir. I folded my arms, and said the dua...
I could hear the words of the sister next to me, she was loud.
I know her..
I met her a year ago...
And I lost my concentration thinking about her fate.
She narrated her brief story to my mother a year ago. She must be about 41 now, I thought to myself. She told my mother that she was single, and this shocked mummy. Of course, mummy had to ask her why, and she simply mentioned that she always sought a righteous man, but her parents never looked outside their
culture, and she never found anyone.
Wow... time flies! Forty years... and haven't found the right person? That's quite scary.
A few days ago, as we were all exiting the mosque after night prayers, she asked me which way I was headed. "I'm walking on Dundas", I responded. To which she said under her breath, her face turned away from me, 'I'm going home.. all by myself. No one's walking that way. Maybe one day I'll find someone to go with me'.
I could only make a silent prayer for her @ that point.

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Anonymous said...

002.030. Behold, thy Lord said to the angels: "I will create a vicegerent on earth."

They said: "Wilt Thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood?- whilst we do celebrate Thy praises and glorify Thy holy (name)?"

He said: "I know what ye know not."

Sometimes we think we understand the situation and, but the truth is we dont'.....Allah knows what we don't.

May Allah give us the patience, ameen!