Friday, September 14, 2007

Charity | Death | Discipline- Reflections Ramadan 1 & 2

Day 2
After we got home from taraweeh, I drove mummy to do some groceries. As I was stepping into the market, I noticed a small booth, with a big glass box on top of it. I grabbed the trolley and while fumbling with my bag to get my wallet out, I told my mother to go ahead. There was a man behind the stall and a lot of reading material as well. I wanted my action to be as fast as possible, but it was long enough to hear him say Jazakallah to me, and for me to reply to him.

I just finished reading the ayah from the Qur'an: By no means shall ye attain righteousness unless ye give (freely) of that which ye love; and whatever ye give, of a truth Allah knoweth it well. [3:92]

There's reward for giving charity, but imagine the reward of the people who... organise charitable actions. So, step up to the next level, don't just be a giver.

Two days ago my friends were telling me of a few deaths in 2 different countries. Two days ago my mother's sister-in-law (brother's wife) gave birth to a child who did not survive. She went into labour knowing that there's a chance of her losing her child, chance of her own death. There are not many ocassions when we know death came very close to us... and spared us.
Inshallah Allah (swt) will bless my mami with jannah, because of the hadith.
I'm a firm believer that everyone is in my life for a reason, even if I meet them once and never see them again. It was no coincidence that this baby's death, and the incidents that 2 of my friends narrated to me were at the same time. Allah (swt) wants us to know... wants me to realise, and turn to him, and ask for forgiveness, and increase in my good deeds.

I also thought about how my mamu didn't mention a word of that when I answered the phone, how my mother didn't give me the medical details and how, I just wasn't so involved at all, as if something distant from me happened.. to someone I didn't know. True, my parents still think I'm a child who doesn't need to be involved in grown up matters.. but every death to me, is a reminder of my experiences for a year as a Muslim chaplain assistant at a hospital. I dealt with parents... somehow... funerals... children... staff... And it has had an impact.

Day 1

Discipline and organisation are so important in our lives as Muslims. Taraweeh is all about discipline. Everyone in straight rows, with utmost attention. It's a great test for mothers when their children are running around or crying. In fact, taraweeh makes you very alert. You have to be early if you want to be in the first row. Yet, if your mother requires assistance, then you have to forego your space in the first row and make your mother comfortable first. It's discipline because it doesn't happen once. It's not one set of "Allahu Akbar", but many times over, that you have to raise your hands to.

And when someone leaves a row, others are automatically conscious of the gap, and hasten to fill it. Let not there be shaitan between us...

And once you're done, it's about connecting with those on either side of you. Sometimes, it's a Philipino or a Somali maid. Other times, it's someone's feeble grandmother. Say salam to all, and spread the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).

Ramadan will help you get organised. Try Seinfield's productivity secret.

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