Friday, July 14, 2006

Can't get over!

The article, The long and grinding road, talks about commuting time and how GTA drivers spend 79 minutes daily on commute. That's very ridiculous.
When using the TTC for a long travel (20 km), you need to budget time for:
-Walking from your place to the nearest stop.
- Waiting for the streetcar or bus.
- If you take the subway, or transfer to the subway:
- Climbing stairs
- Waiting in line to pay, or swiping
- More stairs
- Waiting for the subway to arrive
- Once you exit the subway, more stairs again
- Transfer requires walking to, and waiting again for the next TTC vehicle
- If there a lot of people @ a stop, you have to wait in queue
- Finally, when you have transferred 4 times, you get off, smelling great and walk a bit to your final destination.
This way, 20 km can take upto 1.5 hours. If you're driving, it's... about 15-20 min...ouch!

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