Monday, July 03, 2006


'You cannot love a person unless you touch him', she whispered in my ear, 'so don't close your doors.' so much power in her few quiet words. Why is, what she said, right? Why can I not be right? I felt sincerity in her words, but I didn't need the sincerity. There's got to be a solution. My thoughts were drowned by the music in the background. 'We should go back', I said to her. She nodded, and we started walking back towards the people. Some people do have it alright, I thought. But of course, I feel that way because I don't know how much they struggled.

You can't be perfect, and you can't expect perfection. Yet, we dream so much about being perfect. My face turned into a grimace with a growing sickening feeling inside me. So this is how it feels to be stranded between the reality and...fantasy, I thought, We live in a world where we can't get up and do what we want. Life was never meant to work that way, that simple.

I noticed someone walking towards me. It was him. I didn't expect to see him here. My heart skipped a beat and my thoughts dissolved. 'Everything will be alright. If not now, very soon. Believe in your Faith, and every moment that leads up to it. 'How are you?', he asked me, with a very serious look on his face. 'Is something wrong?', I asked. 'No. It's good to see you. You look great.' he smiled.
'Thanks'. Thanks for making me feel you always do. Here I go again. He just said 2 words. Maybe she was right... it's just me.