Sunday, April 15, 2007


Farmer buried with beloved vintage car

5 April 2007

KOMBAKONAM — A farmer in a Tamil Nadu village loved his car so dearly that when he died, his relatives decided to bury his old Morris Minor along with him as per his wishes.

Narayanswami, headman of Sivapuram village near Kumbakonam, in southern India died last week at the age of 64. A wealthy farmer with three sons and daughters, he bought his prized Morris Minor in 1958. According to reports, Narayanswami was spiritually inclined but lavished his affection on his vintage car. He had earlier expressed the wish that he be buried with his car when he died.

When his friends and relatives gathered to bury him on Monday, they decided that the Morris Minor should definitely go with him. The car was decorated and Narayanswami's body was placed in it. A huge grave was dug with an excavator and a large crowd gathered to see the master and his machine laid to rest together.

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