Tuesday, December 05, 2006


It's been an exhausting weekend. I had to get my blood pressure checked for the Hajj card and the doctor said that it's too low to write on the card. And then twice to the hospital on the same day.
Today I had to drive around for about an hour. The roads I was on were long and empty and all I could see were mirages. Mirages of so many things.
Mirages of the trees, of the speed bumps, of cars...
Mirages of things I run after in life, but never get to them.
Mirages that stay for so long, that I begin to think they're real, but just when I've accepted that, they disappear.
Elements that that mislead you, and set you back so much, that you don't know even know how to retrace your footsteps.
Tricks that life plays on you.

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