Monday, December 18, 2006

Uncle and Aunty

I meet so many people, and I learn from each individual.

I met an Uncle and Aunty like none other. They are not my relatives.

They must be in their 50s, and do not have children. Aunty is the backbone of Islamic awareness amongst South Asian women in Al Ain. She keeps everyone together- She orders books for everyone, she gets pamphlets photocopied, she hooks up people who can help each other, she directs people who're looking for certain services, and she does a lot more than I can possibly know in such a short time I've been here.
She doesn't lose an opportunity to do a good deed. She also attends every single lecture, study circle, lesson she hears about, no matter how far, or how late it may be. And this is where Uncle's role comes in. Aunty doesn't drive, so Uncle has to drop her everywhere. In Ramadan, he spent hours waiting for her, as she would attend her classes. He would not only drive her around, but anyone else who needed a ride. There would be so much going on, and he wouldn't get enough sleep.
And Aunty would tell him, "inshallah I'll let you rest after Ramadan". :)
But there's no rest for uncle. I meet Aunty @ the Masjid regularly, and Uncle leaves work to drop her off, and then goes back to work. Sometimes, he'll stay in the Masjid until she's done with her lesson, all by himself.
When aunty goes to visit her friends, and there's no male @ home, Uncle will wait in the car until Aunty's had her tea/dinner/lunch/chat whatever it may be. And he never complains, and he always waits. He never says no. Even when his eyes are bloodshot red with swelling. I feel for him...

As her niece said- If Aunty were to tell Uncle to eat soap, he would do so gladly.
I wish they had kids. But Allah has a different plan for everyone.
And as time passes, I learn more of Allah's plans for me.

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