Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Beyond the soaring winds

The eagle set out
to conquer great heights
Spanning its majestic wings
from horizon to horizon

It swoops high and low
And in all its grace
cinches its preys with every launch
challenging the rules of time

Yet the pride of the eagle
brings its own downfall
Beneath all that grandeur
Lies the deluge of all that it expounds

In an artless dive for glory
Its wing ricochets the side of a rock
A loud cry reverberates through the valley
And leaves the eagle with a broken wing

With my broken wing
I have lost all strength
Every ruffle in my feathers
Reminds of the onset taint

'I must soar', I acclaim
Yet the end is here
End of great journeys
And my voice drowns in my fear

I am but a grim portrait of despair
Against the bright canvass of space
No longer able
to accomplish remarkable feats

To it belongs the conquered lands
To it is attributed all power
This creature smaller than beasts
Yet perfection it doesnt possess

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