Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Change starts with You.

The changes in life are projections
of decisions that know no influence
and those that are mine
Once I lived a life that drives
inspiration in those around me
Humbled was the soul
when effects of relentless efforts
did not get reflected on the self
And that's when doubts arose
And that's when thoughts diverged
Forced to think to self
'There's no motivation'

Hope lies alone in close relations
In my dark, dusty unrealities
He lights the fire within me
Amidst my uncanny doubts
His spirit interferes to revive me
Yet again when my heart drowns
The essence of his time fills me
And when I hold up my weak hands
His strength pushes them higher

'O Soul! Will you be my downfall?'
'O Soul! Won't you pick me up?'
'O Soul! Test me not this way
for I will sure fail'

'My Lord, have I earned from Your Mercy?'
'My Lord, have I accounted for my soul?'
'My Lord, when the end is near,
Can I not be told?'

the whispers....
the whispers say 'fear not,
'You have certainly fashioned indelible footprints
But you will only be raised in spirit
if you continue walking in your wavelength
And you continue to lead by example'

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