Friday, June 15, 2007

A Miracle a Day

Today seemed much better, and I was eager to go sit by the rocks, and go over my thoughts as usual. And I wanted to know all about miracles.
"Haha, alright, I'll tell you what happened", I said, "I had too many things to do, and I didn't get to think much about the miracles. But when I went to bed, can you believe this, I opened up the book I was reading, and the page had the author's version of what he thought miracles are."
"Excellent. But, you didn't just copy that answer, did you?"
"No of course not. But it did guide me a bit. So, it's your turn to tell me."
Miracles happen around you every single day. Real miracles, not just "results of decisions" in your favour. And you have to be in the state of recognising what these are.
"How do you recognise them?", I asked.
"If I tell you that, do you think you would begin to recognise them, and appreciate them are miracles? The word still has a lot of magic associated with it, that shouldn't be lost, and discovered only by the real eye."
"Hmm... the real eye is the one that sees these miracles around it every single day. Okay, I don't know how to recognise these miracles, and I also don't know... how are they related to happiness?"
"They are related to contentment. The state of mind where you love every moment of life, and you feel that with every miracle you see, no matter how many times, over and over again, you've seen every might and power of God that there is'
"Wow...I wish I could see these miracles... And, is that all a person needs? Knowing these miracles?"
"No, it's one part of life. The other part of life is the continual hard work.. And these parts are connected- Because every appreciation is only worth it after real hard work, and so is the case with recognising miracles"
"Why isn't it an effortless job?"
"It soon does. A trained eye, is a trained mind, body and soul- harmonised with the nature in which it is"...
"Oh! nature... and you, Rock, see these miracles? every single day? And being a mere rock is the greatest thing to you?"
"Mere rock? Gee thanks... Yes, I see these miracles, and that's why I've been here on this shore... for a very long time. And a large part of my life is talking to you."
"I'm beginning to realise... that you see so much more in life, when you stop to notice, stop to talk, stop to care...I notice the elderly and I help them. But... when I reflect on it, I don't see a miracle, I feel sad- Sad about the realities of old age, I always put myself in that position and wonder how would it be for me, when I get old.. yet, I should be feeling happy because I helped someone, and they were grateful for what I did... Where is the miracle here?"
"Again, don't look at situations that happen to you. If you ponder more, and more, you'll see the miracles there too- But first, you need to realise that these miracles, need to be noticed."
"Like bird watching?"
"You're almost there. What would you call an animal being able to fly without support in air?"
"A miracle?"
"hmm.....Miracles in life are your gifts to the world. When you say subhanallah at a a bird flying in the air- you are praising Allah's Might, you are feeling overwhelmed by it, and small, you are appreciating nature, you have diverted your mind from your own thoughts and issues to take a moment to notice something special... you are creating a feeling within you that is good- You are content, because you have just recognised a part of the reality of this world.."
"Now you tell me", asked The Rock, "what else would be a miracle?"
"I know! Al Shifa honey!"
"Yeps. I was reading the label on the bottle a few days ago, and marvelled at the facts. Isn't it amazing that to produce 2 pounds of honey, bees travel a distance equal to 4 times around the earth, and that a single bee usually visits between 50-1000 flowers a day?"
"Yes, that truly is a miracle."
"Are you happy?"
"Yes! And thanks for your words. My distraction towards this new quest for miracles should really help ease my mind and bring me closer to Allah."
"Inshallah it will. See you soon!"

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Hafsa said...

i'm starting to like these rock stories...keep 'em coming!!!