Saturday, June 23, 2007

Crazy days

Alhamdulillah I'm back now. Most days in Toronto were just crazy.

The day before I was flying out, I had to:
9:30am- pick up my CPR card from Imran
10-11:30am- Fitness Instructor Specialist practical exam and briefing
11:30-1am- @ home, making list of things to do, phone calls, mummy's shopping list, etc
1-1:30- Lunch with a friend
1:30-2- Dhuhr @ Masjid Toronto, ran into friends
2-3:30- Biked back home, forgot something, did some more work
3:30-4:15- Hanging out @ Lubna aunty's shop in Kensington (been doing that for years now!)
4:15-5:40- @ the Big Carrot on Danforth, shopping for mummy
5:40-6:40- Went to Hafsa's place and hung out with her (she had a wisdom tooth extraction)
7:30-8:30- Appointment downtown with a TCM

Now the fun begins...
9-10:45- Memona dropped by to visit, we prayed and had dinner together- Afroza made some great food
11-12:30- We stepped out for bubble tea (I must have gone there about 10 times since my arrival in Toronto)
1am- Mido drops off stuff he wants to send for his family
1:30-2am- Ahtisham, Sana and Faraz come to see me and we hang out across the Bellevue firestation
2:30- 3- Chatting with Sana, sorting out stuff
3-4:10- Packing
4:20-7- Slept..
7:20am- called and woke up Mido
7:45-8- Weighed my suitcases (lol, that was alarming!)
8:30- reached the airport, but it took us 10 minutes to get the trolley and get out of the parking..
and yea, I had to take out 5-6 books to settle the weight...
Alhamdulillah, flight took off @ 10:20am

I miss Toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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