Thursday, June 28, 2007

Elements of success

Alhamdulillah a week ago I had my Fitness Instructor Specialist pratical exam, and I passed it. The exam required me to train 4-6 participants, and present a 45 minute class to my instructor that had 4 components: warm-up, minimum of 15 min cardio, muscular conditioning and stretching/relaxing at the end. The exam had about 30 components that I was graded on. Passing the exam was truly a miracle since this exam requires a minimum of 3 months of training! Ihad all my friends stressed out about it. My music wasn't ready until the night before (because each phase of the class had a different BMP (beat per minute) and I had to add more songs the next day 2 minutes before the class).
But, behind the scenes, what helped me succeed was...

  1. Most importantly, Afroza's running shoes. I had no idea they were hers. I just saw they fit me, since I had forgotten mine, and wore them. Sorry Afroza, and thanks a million! :D
  2. My parents for letting me stay the extra days in Toronto to complete my certification
  3. Faiza's room booking access on campus- for 4 rehearsals we did
  4. My participants who volunteered their time, and came downtown from as far as Scarborough.. love you girls!
  5. The other non-participants who really wanted to be a part of my class but couldn't because of various reasons..
  6. Sawitri's sweatpants (and sometimes, shirt...) since I hadn't brought enough exercise clothes!
  7. Sana's access card for stuff on campus
  8. for their fitness music
  9. Athletic centre for all the drop-in recreation classes: AC has some of the best fitness instructors! Especially Martin who's the coolest, and who told me to count the number of beats in a 10 sec music clip- I counted 9, but he counted 20....
  10. Dor- My super instructor, who was my teacher through this whole course. I learnt so much from her, especially leadership, which I hope I never forget, inshallah.
  11. CANFITPRO for giving me the longest extension they've ever given on the practical exam! And Dor for helping me get that!
  12. And my friends- Hafsa, Sana, Sawitri, Fatima, Kahkashan for being the best supporters ever and trying their best to be resourceful... hehe
  13. I'm sure there's more that I'm not thinking of right now


Hafsa said...

when i read the title...i was looking for an essay on determination, hard work, dedication, positive thinking. lol. But you summed it all in #13 :D

Ozair said...

Nice ... congrats on passing your fitness exam. I talked to you a few days before your exam and you sounded really stressed, so glad you passed. As I can see by your list, good achievements do not occur without hard work and a bit of luck ;-)