Monday, June 25, 2007


I really have the best friends in the world, Alhamdulillah. I have so many stories to share about them, that I know I'll never forget!
For example, this one night... (after a long day...), a friend of mine was dropping me to aunty Farida's place. When I got there, the concierge rang her up, but there was no answer. I figured the girls must have gone to the garden on the 7th floor, so I decided to walk around Harbourfront. Sawitri, Afroza, her sister, Fatima and Sana were all hanging out @ aunty's. She's the best, mashallah!
After some time, Sana called and apologised, and said they're home... so I started walking back. I was quite far, I should have told her that, but my phone died. It was also just after midnight by then, which means I had been out for about 40 minutes!
At aunty Farida's place, the girls are all tucked-in the sofa bed, and they begin to panic. They call me non-stop, and there's no answer because my phone was turned off. Sana tells the girls not to worry because "Humairah had shown me some of her wendo moves, she'll be fine if something happens". They even call Hafsa to ask her if she had any idea where I was. Fatima and Afroza declared it's an emergency. Everyone was panicking left and right, and Sawitri says:
"Girls, I'm going to take a nap".


Hafsa said...

when sana called me midst confusion, she sounded very calm. lol.

MT said...

Lesson learned: Always charge your phone at night :)

Humairah Irfan said...

No, the lesson is: Sawitri should keep her cellphone with her all times! (She was supposed to take it with her when they went to the Garden)- in fact, the funny thing is, she told the girls the phone is on her, and it wasn't..