Thursday, November 15, 2007

Amidst other posts

I want to write up the reviews on the 5-6 books that I had read upto Ramadan. Plus there's a Matters of the Rock post that needs to be published. I just packed up my books for tomorrow. I've never used all these books in the same week, let alone a day! But inshallah I hope to study lots tomorrow (and me not being the type of person who ever studies, that's very ambitious).

Two weeks ago, when my brother and I were driving back from Baniyas on a Thursday, he did something that's left a great impression on my mind. It's quite amazing how Rizwan's intuition has developed, and more amazing how he puts it into action.

A young girl in her school uniform was trying to cross the road. She was on our left. There was another driver on our right just ahead of us by a few feet. Everything happened within 15-30 seconds. The driver swerved a bit into our lane and back. Rizwan could see the driver from his driver's seat, but I couldn't. Instantaneously, Rizwan sped up and honked like crazy. I reacted and almost shouted @ him to stop honking, and let the other guy drive as he wills. He ignored me, and drove ahead. He kept looking in the rear view mirror of the car and finally said, "Idiot!"
I asked him, "What happened? If a car's ahead of you, you should let it choose the lane. Why did you speed up?"
And he goes, "didn't you see what happened?! You're so stupid. The guy was going after the girl. After this, he's never ever going to go after the girl again". He made a mental note of the license plate number in case he'd ever meet him again.

I was quite impressed. It's not the first time my brother has taken a stance like that. He's always very vocal when it comes to gender issues and people crossing their limits. And Rehan's like that as well. I remember when a series of assaults happened on campus, Rehan sent my friends an email with something like: "Dear Bajis, please be careful on campus. I'm your official escort and you can call me anytime."
My friends talked about it for months!


Ozair said...

mashallah, that is quite a deed that your brother did, may Allah bless him for his effort.

For us folks living in North America, the actions of the guilty driver is quite disturbing.

Humairah Irfan said...