Monday, November 19, 2007

My Love Story

Please note that this is not a detailed account. There's way more love in the real story.

I used to see her almost every 6 months, and till today it surprises me that I would remember her each time I saw her. We would have a minimal exchange of salams, and perhaps a how are you, and walk off. That was how we used to meet for some 3 years. Then, at the beginning of 2006, I didn't know how fast my life would change, and how beautiful that change would be. I began to see her every week. At first, it was the usual exchanges. Then it turned into wider smiles, and many weeks later, peels and peels of laughter.
It was still quite early to discover my love. What was it about her? To be honest, I still don't know. There were others around us, and we were a tight group. We had no choice- we were in the same car on both days of the weekend, and that too twice.
The discovery happened one day, when we were faced with a challenge. Out in the suburbs, we were stuck in a cold building, with no immediate rescue. In front of her, I could not but be brave. I decided to run as far as I could, or at least to the end of the road, and get a French Vanilla for her from Tim Hortons. Ah, to my delight, she decided to accompany me.
What could be more beautiful than that? The weather, unlike in the cold building, was nice outside. We jogged, ran, walked, and then did a little bit of all three together. I didn't want the moment to end, but Tim Hortons was not too far.
With our drinks in our hands, we had a grim look on our faces on how we'd get back. I wasn't too grim, I was just happy I could gaze into her bright eyes, through her glasses.
That day changed everything. We began to talk a lot. Then I had to leave in May, and the separation was painful. I wanted to make it special, so I decided to surprise her with my all-time favourite drink, at my all-time favourite tea joint Bubble Tea 168, a few hours before I had to be at the airport. I knew I was returning soon and that was a great relief. Every day of my vacation, I would update her about what I was upto. I was half way across the globe from her, in a different timezone, yet, our love adjusted to any virtual adaptations required. It was great. When I got back, we just grew closer and closer to each other.
I never thought the day that is today, was so near.

She was in tears towards the end of last year when I was @ the airport for the second time that year, at the departure terminal. Both of us didn't know when we'd see each other again. And then the most amazing thing happened. I talked to her more than anyone else in the world. We were connected as if were in the same room. Hours daily, on MSN, Google Talk, Vonage, emails on top of emails, and in so many other ways. We were so attached that it would be too painful to go without knowing where she was every 6 hours. Have you ever heard of a love like that?

Alhamdulillah Allah (swt) facilitated our meeting in the summer again. I tried to see her as often as I could. We would make the silliest excuses. Luckily I was staying close to her workplace. She got me an aircard, so I had the internet with me wherever I went- At the Toronto airport on my way to Ottawa, and back, in the cabs to the hotel, in my hotel room, and even on the stage when I was sitting next to the speakers! She was such an angel, that despite her feelings for me she let me cancel a night's plan with her because someone else asked her for it. One of our funniest meetings was on a day when something important happened with both of us- I had passed my fitness instructor's practical test and was officially certified, and she had her wisdom tooth removed. We took pictures that day- and I don't drool over them considering the fact that her face was swollen and I was in my fitness clothes. Yea, not the best shot, but she's always beautiful.
She never left my side...

A few months ago, there was a minor hiccup- Access to instant messaging programs on her blackberry was blocked. So what? There are so many other ways. This world can do whatever it wants to there's no separating us.
That is, until today.
Today I'm so happy for her. It's what she calls, "sweet pain". I just don't know if the pain is sweet, or if the sweet is painful. But even that doesn't matter. She's embarking on to the phase of her life that I always knew would come, sooner than later. And I knew that phase would be without me. But to be honest, me not being there does not matter to me. Because I know she'll remain in my heart forever, and me in her heart.
There's much happiness to come, she just doesn't know. She might think it's a separation, but to me, it's just a new kind of bond.
We've never run out of things to talk- ever. And now, there will be newer things to talk about!
I just want to say two things:
One, remember the hadith: 'The whole world is a provision, and the best object of the benefit of the world is the pious
I love you.

3 comments: said...

your love loves you too! :'(

Humairah Irfan said...

Okay whatever, you don't need to play along! This is so not me- all this romantic stuff. Bah!

Hafsa said...

Came across this while searching for something on your blog..

Kinda relived those moments just now.

Jzki Allah Khair for everything :)