Friday, November 02, 2007

Missing Blogger Update

Some people are rather disturbed about the missing blogger, hence we decided to give a short update. Aside from people driving her crazy, the other major cause of her disappearance is, a sudden realisation of what she's really upto.
To illustrate rather vividly:

Actually, that wasn't a vivid enough illustration.
What's happening on weekends is rather interesting. Between 5:30 and 8 both days she has Shariah program class. However, 6-7 on both days, she has to TA courses on SunniPath. Which means that she misses 2 hours of her Arabic lessons, and hence has to listen to 5 hrs of recording each week. Plus, one of the courses she TAs is actually both days as well, but she skips one hour because Alhamdulillah there's another TA on the course who attends that hour, so that's another hour of recording to catch up with. Let's not even talk about the recordings from last semester she wanted to catch up on during Ramadan but never got around to...

Besides her 2 halaqas, and (bi)weekly Tuesday evening meetings, she's working on writing articles, proof-reading some literature for, organising CAMP's chapter and an overwhelming amount of leadership summit organisational work. So she decided to book off time for sleeping on her schedule before she forgets to do that (which of course is an exaggeration).

At this point, this is all the information we have. Stay tuned!


Intellijunkt Commentator said...

I'm reading self-help books and getting nowhere in life!

Hafsa said...

can you ask this missing blogger to book the monday's with me? This way we can play catch up for all the updates..

the agenda's getting longer and longer!