Monday, December 31, 2007

Coincidence blend

Today, I made the wackiest tea drink ever and I named it the Coincidence Blend. It's a blend of a special Pakistani tea and Ethiopian tea spice.

The reason why it's a coincidence is because, my mother made some Kashmiri tea for my brother because he requested her to (exam cravings I believe) and instead of making regular tea to find out how it tastes with the Ethiopian tea spice mix which my father brought back today, I added it to the pink tea that she made.

Don't ask me how many cups of that I've had (and I'm not a tea drinker)! But when you have pistachios, almonds, rose water, tea spice, sugar, milk and Pakistani green tea (or Kashmiri chai) all in one... it can make you high! I have to say, you are missing out! Unless if you're in town a few weeks from now because I'm seriously thinking of throwing a tea party.

I spent an hour in the internet searching for the ingredients of the tea spice without any luck. Anyone know?

1 comment:

Syra said...

sounds like an interesting drink =)
try making the fruit punch at home, it rocks
the trick is not to mix the juices in the end.