Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Al Furqan Youth Association

Al-FYA is a Sri Lankan based organisation doing some amazing work. Mashallah, I'm extremely impressed by their spirit and motivation. Do visit their website. [The website has a lot of pop-ups, so click with care :) ]
They seem to be on the scene for the smallest to the largest and most daunting causes- raising funds for circumcision, widows, orphans, building homes, providing money to new Muslims, relief work, seminars for students and children, iftar programs, free Islamic book campaigns...

I have many pictures from them, if you're interested, drop me a note. It's quite nice to learn about the work that's being done on the other side of the globe, and to see it in pictures is even nicer- it creates a personal connection.

May Allah (swt) bless their efforts. I love my Sri Lankan brothers and sisters!

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