Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eid Mubarak!

Amer sent me an sms last week saying that the Arabic newspapers have printed that Eid will be on Saturday according to the astronomical observations. Plus, Toronto is all geared up to celebrate Eid on Saturday as well.
I was certain Eid would be on Saturday. So I fell behind in my Qur'an reading. I ended up sleeping too much in the last 2 days, it's just been quite exhausting between home and the masjid.
At 7pm, I'm reading the Qur'an, almost falling asleep, and wondering if I should skip Taraweeh..
At 7:30pm, my mother calls and wishes me Eid Mubarak. I call up Amer and scold him for giving me wrong information. He's in Dubai anyways shopping for Eid.
My sister's getting calls too. Every family has their moon-sighter who calls them to tell them when Eid is. For one of my sister's friends, Aqsa, it's her uncle in Sharjah. For another, it's an aunt in Saudi.
I go downstairs, my parents are furiously switching channels to find out. Mummy says the Geo TV, a Pakistani channel is displaying their breaking news as "Moon Sighted in Saudi Arabia, Eid on Friday- Arab TV", but the Arab TV channels are displaying that the moon sighting committee is still in the meeting.
Ha! I knew it. Trust a Pakistani channel? No way.. I'd rather go pray taraweeh and finish my Qur'an.
I call up the Imam's wife, and she says, "I don't know. They're saying they wont find out until after the isha prayers". I tell her that GeoTV has already announced it, but the Arab channels haven't.
I'm still sort of in denial.
I don't want to spend the night putting mehndi on my sister and mom when I still have my Qur'an to finish.
We debate going to the masjid. We end up going. After isha, there's a hush. What's going to happen? Is there an announcement? The projector wasn't turned on, so we couldn't see the men.
The imam begins taraweeh. Yay!
We pray two, and then another two.
The imam starts talking. But the women are trying to hush each other up and no one can hear anything.
It's Eid tomorrow.
We hug the people we know. We pray witr, and then leave the masjid.
I still find it funny, that all the Pakistani and Indian people found out about Eid earlier than the Arabs!

Eid Mubarak!


Hafsa said...

Subhan Allah, I'm in the exact same situation as you!!

I finished Surah 73 after Dhuhr, and got to finish juz 29 and 30.. I hope eid's on Saturday, inshAllah

faraz said...

Well, if you guys were in Edmonton, you'd have your choice to celebrate on Friday or Saturday. Yep, in keeping with our annual tradition of a display of dis-unity, we have a split this year too folks!

ps. Humairah, better not to use the P word. Akin to the N word. It was invented as a derogatory term and remains that way.

Humairah Irfan said...

dude, how do you know these things?
I've changed it.

Hafsa said...

faraz, "choice" might not be the right word, no?