Friday, October 05, 2007

The Best Company- Reflections Ramadan 23

I went for this past Hajj, Alhamdulillah. For many days now, I've been drawing parallels from my experiences at Hajj, and Ramadan. This Ramadan is the first "spiritual" period after my Hajj in December 2006/January 2007.
What stands out the most is, I had (and have) the best company at that time, and now.

I went for Hajj with my father. He looked after me so much, subhanallah. He'd have his arm around me whenever it would get extremely crowd. At one point, in order to make sure I don't get hit when we went for the stoning of the shaitan, he fell backwards on a sheet of stones. It must have hit him like needles, or even worse. But he didn't say a word.
This is just one of the moments with him at Hajj.
I still remember my circumstances around the time when the whole planning for hajj happened. I had wanted to go with my brother Rehan, but it didn't work out. I was so angry and stubborn and upset and then my father did everything he could so that he could arrange for us to go. Subhanallah, he endured so much for me, and to me, it was a very unique experience. I didn't remember much of the care and love my parents had for me because I had been away for so long...

And now, my mother, father and I have been going for the qiyam @ the masjid for a couple of days now. Despite them sleeping after me, they wake up before me, and wake me up to go with them. I pray the tahajjud nawafil by my mother's side in the congregation sometimes, and it's so extremely comforting to have her there.

At suhoor time, I get really annoyed when my mother is worried about everyone else eating and she delays her own suhoor to the end. But try as I do, I can't get her to think of herself first. Her first concern is to make what my brother and sister want to eat.

In fact, I don't seem to focus much on my duas knowing that my mother is making every single dua there is.
All the blankets of the world put together cannot provide the comfort that they do in the coldest of times.

So, how can I not cherish these moments, not knowing if they will return?
I know this is all natural for parents. How can they be parents, if they do not do all this, and more? But how much of it do I really deserve? Not much.

Who are your companions this Ramadan?

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