Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back from Hajj

This morning @ 9am we left Madinah for Jeddah airport, and Alhamdulillah, Baba and I are back from Hajj. We were with Sawitri and her brother @ Jeddah airport today... subhanallah, Allah unites me with people I love in the most beautiful of meetings. Our flights were scheduled to leave @ the same time!

I was supposed to leave for Pakistan on Friday, but we cancelled. I'm down with the Hajj flu... also a bit sad that I'm going to miss Khadija's wedding in Pakistan- We've known their family for as long as I can remember. Uncle and Baba are best friends, but... I'm happy that I get to avoid all the glamour and show of being @ a wedding right after Hajj!

I guess... the unravelling of my trip will start when I unpack tomorrow. As I think, I feel as if Hajj is more about what you do afterwards. What do you do with your life, when you know Allah has forgiven you, and cleansed you of everything?


hajera said...

Salaam Humairah! I pray that your Hajj is accepted and Allah continues to bestow His mercy and blessings upon you. Do share some of your thoughts and memories with us :)

Humairah Irfan said...

walaikum as salam
Thanks Hajera :) Nice to hear from you!
Ameen... I made lots of dua for you, and everyone in Toronto.

I will definitely write about my experience inshallah... so much happened... and so many experiences @ different levels- the spiritual aspect, the people, the logistics... I'm still sorting out my thoughts.