Saturday, January 27, 2007

The new aqua aerobics instructor in town!

I got myself into some deep water, and this is literally... deep water. I'm going to be the new aqua aerobics fitness instructor @ the Elixir Health Centre (no men allowed). Aqua aerobics means you do them in the pool... There are a few problems with that:
- I'm not currently CPR certified
- I have never seen or been in an aqua aerobics class
- I have to do the class in arabic WITHOUT music, but... I don't know the terminology in Arabic
- I can't swim

Well, we'll see what happens tomorrow- I'm teaching 2 classes. I decided I'd discontinue if I'm not able to convince them to adhere to strict PAR-Q standards as I was taught in class. Alhamdulillah, taking that CanFitPro course paid off :)

So, as I research more and more about aquafit, I shall be posting the more interesting stuff here... for now, I got myself some great percussion music and I've to work on the class choreography format next. I also need to review all my notes tonight, this is going to be lots of fun inshallah! And I'm extreeeeeeeeeeemely nervous... oh boy!

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H said...

would be funny if you start asking the terminology in Arabic during your first Shariah class!!!