Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Busy busy...

I have quite a few things going on right now- In a few days, my father's sister will be visiting us for the first time here. She'll be staying for a week. A lot is going on @ home in preparation.
I have a sunnipath course to complete in two weeks as well- I knew I'd miss out on most of the course because I'd be away @ Hajj, but the course was too good to let go. So, all those lectures have piled up. And the TA emailed yesterday saying she's concerned about my progress..ooops.

Plus, now we're starting the full scale publicity of the Islamic banking conference [really, the title is too long...] and I'm largely responsible for that...and right now, solely responsible.
CAMP's IT team has been working on a total new template for their chapters across North America. We're moving towards standardisation in our outlook, and we've made a lot of progress in terms of the design and the back end. The new look will be applied to the Toronto chapter's website first. We'll also be setting up a system for Muslims across NA to network, something similar to LinkedIn for those who are familiar to it.
I have 2 articles due for The Muslim Voice this Friday, which I'm struggling to write. One is for the Professional Development column that I write, and the other should inshallah be a collage of Hajj accounts of 3 young people from different countries...

And as I write, I'm looking @ the acceptance letter I have from an institute in UK... I'm debating whether the course will benefit me for the cost: 1000 pounds.

Ever since I came back to UAE, everyone's been giving me advice on being effective in this new place. In order for me to penetrate these circles, I need to work on my language skills, so I'm debating if I should also take the course through Al Huda institute...

But before all this, I need to get up and start going to my hifz teacher @ the Masjid, now I'm REALLY behind.

And the reason why I've talked about all this is... this is what's been keeping me from posting on my hajj experience! I know many are anxious to get more details out of me... I've had really long phone conversations with some friends that I wished I was typing as I spoke... and as I look @ my Hajj notebook, I'm overwhelmed with the amount I have to write... but as with everything else, this is in queue, and it should be out soon!

With some, I had also discussed my business plan. I have to throw in a trip to Pakistan before May, but if that doesn't happen, then I should be launching my lil business. It's too funny to go into more details, except that I've found a good printer company, and that's a big step.

I've been reading many books @ the same time... and I've finished many as well. We just have too many books in this house, that just before I left for Hajj, we received our bookshelves and bookcases that we had designed. They look awesome and I wish I had more space to get some more furniture in! The fun part was of course, the design. Maybe I'll take some pictures...

In other news, I finally got my skates that I had left back in Toronto... now it's time to hit the ice!

I didn't realise how many things I have on my plate until I started writing about them. I've taken to reading and writing, but I know that's not going to contain me for long. When I was leaving Toronto, br Ayman Al Taher gave me a lot of confidence in my decision. And I've driven so much strength and hope from all his advice, which has kept me going so far.
And I know in Al Ain, in this desert, its easy to make cascades flow. It's just not my thing.

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H said...

hrah, nothing in the world can pull you down or discourage you. I'm really proud of you!