Saturday, January 27, 2007

Those days

My brother pulled out a huge pile of papers and stuff and left it in my room a few days ago for me to sift through it and decide what I wanted to keep. I just finished with it now. They were greeting cards and letters from my high school years only.
I noticed how I always got a Christmas card with a birthday card, because my birthday falls a day before Christmas. There were a few Eid cards, and a few New Year cards. Lots of letters from friends who had moved away and still kept in touch. From those who had moved away, I was really close to a few. We'd write letters all the time, and send it when their parents would be going back for vacation. And the letters would arrive when their parents would return.
I had forgotten so many things...
Suben was one guy whom I probably conversed with 10 times maximum in the 2 yrs he was in our school, but he never forgot to give everyone birthday cards, season's greetings cards and christmas cards!
I found a birthday card from the Red House Captain.. Amit Kumar... And the words on the card he gave me:

"Where would I be without you?
You are always there for me,
You never judge,
you just advise,
And listen constantly,
I know I'm very lucky
to count you as my friend,
And I hope this Birthday
proves to be
the happiest you could spend."

I would have never thought about Amit, if I hadn't found this card. Amit was one of those many kids whom I mentored in my last few years at school. He was extremely tall and lanky, a grade younger than me, and used to make up the funniest Hindi jokes. Those years were awesome. Being on the student council, I had a special bond with the children at school. [The school was from Kg to grade 12]. Once the school assembly would disperse, I'd stand by the exit as the rows of all the children would exit one grade after the next. The children loved to greet their elders and shake hands with them. Some little girls would even come up to me and kiss me. I have so many memories of those children.
I was with Green House my first 2 years in school, and then it was Red all the way. And I know I served Red House well. We always won the March Past trophy on our Annual Sports Day. I remember starting in grade 6, when we were first taught to march and do formations- I was too clumsy, and would never get selected. I don't think I cared much either. But over the years, of all the things, I managed to master marching. I think synchronisation is my thing. Putting things together and making them work. The goal would be to make the whole group march as one- girls in the front, boys behind them with the leader holding the flag for each House, and doing the right commands at the right times. It was just awesome. The command "eyes right!" was the hardest to follow, as everyone had to turn their heads right at the same time, yet continue to march ahead, with their arms swinging in perfect rhythm. The beat music was the same every year, and the trophy was definitely worth all those hours in the sun!
Often we'd perform drills that required us to split into shapes visible from the top of the school building, such as spirals opening and tightening, helixes with the tallest first, hexagons etc.

I found many letters from my high school best friend, with whom I've been barely able to keep in touch, and haven't met in the last 5 years. She's already married with a beautiful daughter, and she's actually arriving here today from India. I saved her letters, to show her about the stuff we used to talk about, and it's going to be much fun when we talk about those days, considering how drastically our lives have changed. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

i was going through my old emails, and came across one you'd forwarded - before you left. And i have to say: you are very fortunate to have friends who express how much you mean to them. Sometimes, it helps to hear it - that they are there for you.