Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Someone's rocking my dreamboat

The only time I've ever heard this song in my life is when Bugs Bunny sang it, while sailing in a barrel drum to an island where a monkey claimed to be his mother:

Someone's rocking my dreamboat,
Someone's invading my dream.
We were sailing along, so peaceful and calm;
Suddenly, something went wrong.

Someone's rocking my dreamboat,
Disturbing a beautiful view.
It's a myst'ry to me this mutiny at sea -
Who can it be?

A friendly breeze gave us a start
To a paradise of our own;
All at once a storm blew us apart
And left me drifting alone.

Someone's rocking my dreamboat,
I'm captain without any crew.
But love as my guide, I'll follow the tide
I'll keep sailing 'til I find you.

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