Saturday, August 04, 2007

Best Drink Recipe Ever

My friends know about my smoothie craze... some of the best "smoothie"-days were those on our way to Shariah program in Kahkashan's car :D
There are some good combinations that will always work- healthy, colourful and just the right blend, such as watermelon-blueberries or strawberry-banana..mmmmmm!

This is a drink recipe that my mother taught me. It's the yummiest thing I've ever had, and it's extremely nutritious (first thing in the morning),very filling and excellent for the heart, brain and provides energy. She read about it in her version of the Prophetic Medicine (Tibb-e-nabvi) in Urdu.
And as you know, the most important (and only) kitchen appliance for making smoothies is a blender.

There, you have it :)

Sorry guys, I had to remove it because this recipe is going into a book inshallah!


Hafsa said...

you forgot to mention the roohafza trick!!


Humairah Irfan said...

Inshallah I will... one day when I get around to typing all my recipes.. (and migrating the ones on my old website) - also post the trick of my no-bake-cheesecake :)

Hafsa said...

can u mail me a copy of your recipes book? :)

i'll try ur mashed potato one in t.o, insha Allah

samina said...

hazrat mohammad (S.A.W) gave all the reciepe for free for the best health of all mankind. but we muslim hide every thing just to earn money. thats why nonmuslims are better from muslim .u can see many thing free for the betterment of mankind by them.we learn and get advantages of those. but as muslims we are far away and deteriorateing.