Saturday, August 11, 2007

ENHG Trip to Hamassa Oasis in Buraimi

The Emirates Natural History Group planned two trips this weekend. One to an Oasis in Al Ain, and the other to an Oasis in Buraimi. Buraimi is a little town in Oman, bordering with Al Ain. I lived in Buraimi for 5 years, way before they made the border between the two countries 3-4 years ago.
Today's trip was about comparing the oases of Al Ain with the state of oases in Buraimi. Though separated by only a couple of kilometers, the difference is significant as the Hamassa oasis of Buraimi does not have the water resources available to farmers in Al Ain.
We met up at the Buraimi Hotel at 8 am and convoyed down to Hamassa, and toured some of the mudbrick ruins of Hamassa, before entering the oasis to see the state of the farming there.
I decided to be a photographer like Amer and took a few pictures.
By 9am, it was just too hot for me. I dragged my feet and followed the group around trying real hard to listen to Brian explain all about the ruins, well systems, water...
We were out in 40 degree heat for a couple of hours.

This is a well, about 7-8m deep [Below] Dates for drying [below]

This man was working in the farm and he offered us some dates. He washed them for us in his hands and held them out. I noticed his hands were constantly shaking.

Amer said he really wants to take a picture of a dead human being. I suggested the morgue @ the Tawam Hospital, but he said he'd rather kill me and take a picture. He did find a dead goat and took a picture.

At the second site we visited, there were lots of skeletons of animals- cows, goats, camels. Not sure what this is [below]
Beautiful, tall, majestic date palm trees [below]

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