Sunday, August 05, 2007

How to test a bike

“A properly fitting cycle is extremely important. There is no other sport in which the athlete and the machine are so close to being a single entity…”
- Allan Levy M. D.

Buying your first bike is a nervous and an exciting experience. There are all sorts of things to look out for, and being stuck with the wrong bike is not fun.
In Toronto, anyone looking for a bike should get a cheap second hand one, because even that is bound to get stolen.
I took the Wenches with Wrenches bike mechanics course and learnt a lot about bikes and repairing them, alhamdulillah.
Below are some points from my notes:

Things that should be tight

Things that should spin freely


  • Wheel nuts or quick release levers

  • Handlebars and stem

  • Seat and seatpost

  • Pedals and crank arms

  • Brake pads and brake mounting hardware (do bounce test)

  • Wheels

  • Pedals

  • Cranks

  • Forks/headset

  • Cables not frayed

  • Pads not worn out

  • Pads don’t rub rims when not applied

  • Rear brake can skid rear wheel on dry pavement (required by law)

Tires and Wheels

Drive Train

Visibility (required by law)

  • No boken or loose spokes

  • Tire tread in good condition and tires don’t bulge

  • Tired inflated to recommended pressure

  • Chain oiled

  • Rings, cogs, chain and derailleur not caked in grime

  • Red reflective tape on rear and white on front

  • Front light and rear light or reflector (at night)

  • Bell or horn

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