Monday, August 27, 2007

Boldly Defying all Expectations

Tariq, this one's for you!

First came the 4 fingers, and then the 2, and then every variation possible, bringing the global world together, from Kit Kat Green Tea in Japan, Kit Kat Strawberry in Canada to Kit Kat Orange in UK and Kit Kat Chunky White in The Netherlands.

No complicated fusions of nuts, rice, caramel or nougat, just a simple, plain wafer and lovely, cocoa-y milk chocolate.
From the first dense and crispy bite, the subtle combination of tastes makes this bar a unique and fascinating snacking experience. The classic pairing of wafer and milk chocolate in a regular Kit Kat bar is a guaranteed winner in its perfect counterpoint of textures and taste. Adding other flavours to the mix is simply a bold and brazen risk that ends up working on so many levels.
The finger size allows the full flavour spectrum of the chocolate wafers to manifest itself in a truly wonderful way.
Kit Kat chocolate never becomes overwhelming or distracting. The balance of taste lets the cinnamon or the orange or the mint or any other flavour dance across the palette in a taunting, teasing way, until it finally settles in its rich, satisfying aftertaste.

Arguably, it is a different type of product, more biscuit than chocolate bar, making you feel slightly more virtuous if you have one with a cup of tea! It still does contain around 250 calories though, so it is not quite as virtuous as it seems ;)

Any review of Kit Kat would not be complete without a mention of their enduring slogan, “Have a Break”. This has been the subject of many different adverts over the years – my favourite being the one with the roller skating pandas (anyone remember it?!)

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