Saturday, February 17, 2007


She decided to eat my shirt, the little red smiling flower with music wasn't quite to her taste. She simply tossed it away, and reached for the edge of my shirt. And now the corner is wet. All fed, with her new burst of energy she lift her legs to the sky in excitement, and put them down. Then again, now with her little tiny hands holding her little tiny feet, and again. Until she had her fill, and decided to roll over on her back, and make another attempt to crawl.
Not quite little one, you're only 5 months old. She looked at me, as if to tell me, "I can crawl before I learn to sit". And with graceful swimming strokes, she tried to crawl. She continued for quite some time, and once assured she had moved from her origin, (which she hadn't), she decided it was time to wail for milk again.
She refused to sleep, it had been all day. As if she'd miss something big happening around her, if she slept for even a moment. I whistled to her, soft and lightly. She laughed, very delighted, and satisfied.
I took her in my arms, and rocked her to sleep.

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Hafsa said...

you have to post some pics!!