Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Book Reviews

Br Jeewan and I perused the book section @ Carrefour, as we waited for Sharon and Lisa to get some stuff for later in the evening. He asked me if I had read the Alchemist, amongst some other books. I told him I've taken up reading after 5 years, and I'm still finding it a challenge.
It was only when I started working did I start ordering books, and I probably have 80% of the books unread. And I keep adding books to my wishlist, when my sister is not around, since her regular statement is, "not another book! At least finish reading the ones you have now..."

Well, I'm trying :)

He gave me a quick review on some of the books there. And definitely most of them were books that I knew I'd never get around to reading them... perhaps if I had nothing else to do in life. But my reading time is quite limited, so I've to choose carefully.

Anyways, they gifted me The Alchemist before they left. I started reading the book.. and spent all day on it.

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