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Yaqtin (Gourd)

Source: Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet, translated by Jalal Abual Rub

Yaqtin means gourd or pumpkin, although the word Yaqtin entails more meanings than these two. Yaqtin in Arabic entails every tree that does not have a stem, such as watermelon and cucumbers. Allah said:

و انبتنا عليهِ شجرةً مّن يقطين
"And We cause a plant of gourd to grow over him" [37:146]

The Yaqtin mentioned in the Qur'an is the pumpkin, which is also called Dubbaa or Qar'.

In the Sahihain it is narratedd by Anas bin Malki (ra) that a tailor once invited the Messenger of Allah (swt) to eat from some food that he made. so I (Anas) went with the Messenger of Allah (ra) and the tailor brought forth some bread made from barley and some soup that hd Dubbaa and dried meat. I saw the Messenger of Allah follow the traces of the Dubbaa all around the edge of the pot, which made me love Dubbaa ever since that day."

  1. Yaqtin is a type of cold and wet plant and a light food that is easily digested. If the gourd was not spoiled in the stomach before being completely digested, it produces a good mixture in the stomach especially when one eats similar or compatible types of food with it. For example, making mustard and pumpkin produces bitter humor, while eating it with salt makes it salty and with constrictive substances makes it constipate. when it is cooked with Safarjal (quince), it will provide good nutrition for the body.
  2. Gourd is light on the stomach, especially for those who do not suffer from phlegm or cold condition. The wetness contained in this plant helps ease thirst and headaches if one drinks its extract or washes his head with it. Also gourd soothes the stomach however one uses it, and is very beneficial for those who have hot temperaments.
  3. Also when Yaqtin is kneaded with dough and baked in the oven and then its extract is mixed with some light drinks, it helps cool down fever, quenches the thirst and constitutes a good, nutritious food. If it as mixed with quince jam and Manna, it eliminates bile.
  4. When pumpkin is cooked and its juice is mixed with some honey and Natron, it will cause phlegm and acid. If gourd was ground and then the head is bandaged with it, it will help ease the hot swellings in the cerebral.
  5. When the gourd rinds are squeezed and the extract is mixed with rose oil and used as ear drops, it will help against hot tumors. Also its rind helps ease the swelling of hot eye infections and against gout.
  6. When gourd finds some spoiled mixtures in the stomach, it also gets spoiled causing harmful mixtures in the stomach. In this case, one should treat this condition with vinegar and sour substances.

In general, it's one of the most lightest food and easily digested.

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