Monday, February 19, 2007

The ultimate honour

The Byzantines captured some of the Muslim women, and Al Mansur bin Ammar heard the news. They said to him: Why don't you go and sit near the caliph and urge the people to attack?"
So he went and sat near the Caliph Haroon Ar-Rashid in Ar-Raqqah, near Damascus.

Whilst Mansur was urging people to fight for the sake of Allah, a tied up bundle with a letter attached was thrown to him. Mansur opened the letter and in it he read:
"I am a woman from among the Arab clans. I heard what the Byzantines did to the Muslim women, and I heard that you're urging the people to attack. I looked for the most honorable thing on my body, and it was my two braids, so I cut them off and wrapped them in this bundle. I urge you by Almightly Allah to make them into a bridle for the horse of a warrior fighting for the sake of Allah. Perhaps Allah will look upon me and have mercy on me because of them."
Mansur could not control his feelings when he read these noble words. He wept and made the people weep with him. Then Haroon Ar-Rashid launched a general mobilisation, and he himself fought alongside the mujahidin, and Allah, the Exalted, granted them victory.

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