Monday, February 26, 2007

Lunch breaks

Whenever I worked, I always had something going on during my lunch breaks.
At Sick Kids, I'd mostly have meetings with the Muslim Chaplain in the lunch hour. Sometimes, I'd visit a patient. Or do a quick round of groceries. Towards the end of my employment there, I'd have once a week aromatherapy classes. It would be a challenge trying to eat while doing something else, but I absolutely enjoyed doing chaplaincy work whenever I could. Sometimes my lunch breaks would get longer (also had to pray Dhuhr) I'd just work late.

At the aerospace institute lab, the summer before I joined Sick Kids, I would go down to the first floor to the Alumni office, and help them with dinner preparations- such as photocopying pictures from year books and sticking them onto boards, or calling people to invite them. It was summer, and there wasn't much going on around the engineering buildings.

At Ryerson, I'd mostly spend my time reading during the breaks, since I wasn't too familiar with the campus. I would also bike around a lot, since that was my first summer biking after a gap of about 10 years.

And for the jobs I did in UAE... there were no lunch breaks. Lol.

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