Friday, July 27, 2007

Al Jazeera on Ukrainian women

Yesterday at breakfast I briefly watched Al Jazeera. They were talking about the difficulty Ukrainian women have in finding long-term relationships. The Al Jazeera crew visited a popular match-making club. In a nutshell:

  • Ukrainian women complained a lot about the Ukrainian men because they "drink excessively", "they only love drinking", "abusive to their wives"..
  • So, they prefer "white" men (or American men) because they are kinder, sweeter and do not drink as much- and that's what most of these clubs are all about
  • Most women said they were seeking long-term relationships but the men think differently
  • They interviewed this one man, with a HUGE beer belly and he just said how he's looking forward to going and "picking another one"...
  • One of the girls wanting to get married explained how she felt as a bunch of the girls were sitting around, and a man comes and scrutinises them, one by one- "It was horrible"
  • "Thomas was talking to me, he seemed like a nice guy, but as soon as he met another one who knew more English than me, he left me for her"...
  • The women said that Ukrainian men are so bad that they have to resort to internet dating and match making clubs, "but they wished this wasn't the case"
  • They talked to men who had white hair (pretty disgusting) and asked them how the younger women felt about them, "if you do a good job in bed, the age doesn't matter any more", and he gave an equally disgusting smile.
  • someone women were upset when they had to go home "alone", and didn't find anyone.
  • They interviewed this one woman @ home. She was divorced with a 5 yr old daughter. My heart really went out to her. She said that after her divorce, she felt "alone and degraded", and these internet websites and all started making her feel good about herself. However, when she'd meet men, things would go well, until she'd tell them about her daughter, and most men would say, "I'm just not ready for that... "

The show talked about many other aspects. Last week, on the Toronto Star homepage was a video and a caption on "Canadian women are increasingly finding it difficult to find men because of sex imbalance demographics".

Of course people are going to now seek long-term relationships. That's the fitra of humans, and because left and right people have messed up their moral values and degraded society beyond disgust, that people are beginning to realise they need to find solutions. And, they're so far from morality that, the most obvious solutions, which for us Muslims have been laid out so clearly in the Qur'an, will take them a very long time to adapt. Until then, men and women alike, are going be like stray cats, feeding off peer pressure and not knowing where they belong.

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