Sunday, July 08, 2007

Good days

I just finished making my fruit custard ice-cream chocolate chip cake. The fruits I used are: cherries, melons, mangos, peaches and aaloo bukhara, and the ice-cream is: raspberry ripple. Now it's in the freezer for chilling.
3 days ago I was @ the Mall of the Emirates and I ran into a girl who was a year senior to me in high school. Yesterday, I ran into one of my own class mates. We exchanged numbers and emails and today Suben called me; he was pretty upset about the fact that I've been in Al Ain since November, and if I had not run into Fritzy, he would never have known.
Just before I left for Canada, I had spoken to Amit over the phone, who's working in Dubai, and was a year junior to me. And Huda's here until August, from Ottawa. Funny I tried so hard to meet up with her in Ottawa, and it didn't work out. I spoke with Ruby over the phone, her and I have been very close to each other for many many years, and she's getting married in August.
Also spoke with a friend who got married here in Dubai... can't wait to see her and her little son.
I can meet and connect with so many people around me... but the best of people are those whom I met in Toronto.

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Asmaa said...

That cake sounds so good :'(