Sunday, July 29, 2007


Early this year I was heavily involved in the planning of a conference in Ottawa. My responsibilities included (but not limited to) global marketing of the conference. As such, I was in correspondance with a certain businessman from a war-struck country, who really wanted to attend the conference to leverage business deals, and expand his business and network. Through our email communication, I found him to be a very spirited, generous and determined man. He was working on getting visas for a group of people. People in my team were skeptical about his intentions.. "they just want to get the visa to come here". [And we did receive emails from a lot of people wanting to get letters to apply for visas. I handled each and every single case] I'm a cautious person, but I give everyone a chance.
The nearest Canadian embassy couldn't issue them the visa, and they were told to get it from another country.

His last email on the visa issue (below) made me very sad. it's been so many months, but I can't forget- how is it is for us, and how difficult it is for them...

Dear Humairah,

How are you doing i hope every thing well with you .
i am regreting to inform you that we won't be able to participate in the conference because there is no way for us to reach country that would issue visa [edited] by this time arround , they reject our permition demand to inter and that for security resons.
i am really confused and feeling very saad, i wanted to attend this conference because i am aware of the benefit i will get from there.

but that what allah want , and that use to country name [edited] all the time , ( reject& refused) .

thanks allot for all what you did and you high cooperation.

please accept my special saluts and respects.


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