Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bleeding Words

Posting another one from my old blog:

When things are not what they seem
When you dont know real from dream
And it's hard to scream
What can make everything better
Except letting yourself bleed

These pills of emotions
Drown me in a universe of void
Silence becomes sacred
With bleeding words flowing outside

The whispers lie to me
With promises of freedom
from the forces of darkness

And these bleeding words
Continue to flow
Through my heart
Through my hands
Pouring over me
As the moon slowly yields

And the red colours blend around me
With my dreams flowing away
Leaving my soul aching
Chasing your distant rainbow
That they may never reach

The doves brush past my scars
Leaving me to be
As their wings span the horizon
The words continue to bleed...

Written on April 6, 2006


Humz said...

wow that is an amazing poem - did you write it?

Humarah (I spell my name differently =)

Humairah Irfan said...

hi Humarah
Yea, I wrote that long time ago... I've had a gap, inshallah I'll start writing again