Monday, November 20, 2006

2006 in a Review ||

Cont'd: 2006 in a Review I

That was also the time when I started preparing mentally for moving back to UAE- stepping down from my positions, cutting down on my projects, focussing on getting things done [despite all that, my last few days in Canada were such a mess]- And also the realisation that I wont be seeing 2 of my best friends- Asma, who had started teaching full-time and Fatima, who had moved to London.
Another date I wont forget is August 13th- Muslim Fest Leadership session, my IELTS test, Fatima B's wedding and sleepover @ Asma's all on the same day! This reminds me... my clothes are still @ her place... so is my green kettle!
Our new MAC halaqa also started, with a new naqeeba, and that was a welcome change, Alhamdulillah- Although, I do miss our Friday Programs!
Ramadan was a great spiritual revival. It was for the first time, that I was @ the masjid daily, except twice, and I was able to cover tahajjud @ the masjid as well. For most of the month, I supervised the baby-sitting and women as well. Often, Sawitri and I would take turns praying taraweeh, to make sure someone was keeping an ear on the noise level, and an eye on the kids.
I'm typing this part of the blog entry in the kitchen, while cooking rice. So far, it's been over a week here, and I'm exhausted by the time it's Isha (7pm). Staying @ home all day is more exhausting that what I've been used to! Mostly because mummy is a fast-worker, and her tasks keep me running on my toes. But Alhamdulillah, I need to be doing much much more than this for my parents. May Allah help me.
I rarely get to interact with kids, definitely not little kids. Sometimes @ the masjid, I would sit with them and answer their questions. There was one girl who always wanted to know why we can't see god. Abdullah was my favorite- A lively 3-year old, who would always gimme a "Goojob!" on my drawings that I made for him. The cutest thing he did was, emptied the lowest shelf on the bookcase that had some prayer mats and scarves and fit himself in! He was a rare sight @ the Masjid though- his mom's expecting so she'd come when she was feeling upto it. Ramadan ended with a disorganised Eid Party that sawitri and I planned for the sisters and kids who come to the Masjid- I dunno about myself, but the women simply loved it, and the kids were ever so delighted with the henna I did on their hands. The bad part was being stuck in one corner for 3 hours doing the henna...
I didn't get a chance to thank all those who came to visit, all the lunch, dinner, coffee invitations that I got, and all the little gifts... I love you all!
And inshallah inshallah, the end of this year, beginning of the next should be another life-changing-humbling-experience.
Like everyone, I went through periods of fluctuating Iman. I had a lot of questions that needed to be answered. Most of all, I had a foggy mind, and the fog has cleared, Alhamdulillah. Allah's Signs for us are clear, and they're all around us. It is for us to ponder on, and figure out ourselves. I'm a better person today, than I was yesterday, and the day before. And I'm a free person. Allah (swt) chose this for me, and I gratefully accept it.
Abrupt ending, I know :)

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