Thursday, November 30, 2006

Next Steps

Peace be upon you.
I wont be posting much up and until I return from Hajj inshallah. Please pray for me.
I hope to see all of my friends going for Hajj inshallah, that'll be nice.

Memorisation's going okay...I'll pick up once I'm back from Hajj inshallah.

Plus, I might be in Pakistan early January for a very special reason- My father's closest friend's daughter is getting married. But there's a lot to be done here- The first quarter of 2007 would inshallah see the establishment of CAMP Dubai with several initiatives under it. Also, my brother is the Assistant coordinator of the III Canadian Forum on Islamic Economics and Finance, and I'm the Director of Marketing so being in Pakistan doing development work before May would probably not work out. Planning for the next 6 months is harder than I thought. I need to read a lot more about development. Plus, I'm beginning to think... I always wanted to give back to my country, but @ this stage, why not travel and volunteer in a different country?

I've been driving around Al Ain... and switching between my brother's automatic and my mom's manual car has been quite a disastrous experience. I always preferred stick...until I drove automatic around too much. And then when I switched to manual, the car made the worst possible noises ever, as I forgot all about the clutch...
I wouldn't mind putting a "new driver" sticker on the car I drive... @ least that way, those crazy Arab drivers would stay away! One of my accomplishments was to get my grandmother to wear the seatbelt everytime she rode with me.... she's always absolutely refused to wear it saying it's "too complicated".
But what thrill to drive on perfect roads!

I've joined a book club in Dubai...but if the book club turns out to be only desi, I'm gonna stay away. I'm always reminded by a friend's statement: People in Dubai have nothing better to do than being stuck in traffic all day or hanging out @ the malls. I shouldn't be talking about Dubai so much, I've never lived there!

My sister's been helping out with getting sponsors for an upcoming Charity Bazar in her school. She was telling my mother all about the VIPs she called, and it turns out, she spoke with the person who had given a list of 16 names on her birth.

I pray that everyone's blessed with parents like mine.
I better sleep.. tomorrow's a long day.

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