Friday, November 24, 2006

Appreciating little things

One thing that's characteristic of my parents is that despite their extremely busy schedule, they always find time to sit and appreciate little things, for a significant amount of time, and they take great pleasure in that.
Such as, talking about fruits- A fruit's taste, colour, texture, feel and so on. Often noticing things about it that no one else would. And then thanking Allah (swt) for the abundant.
We all need to do that daily. Running after the big things in life, we forget about the little things. And that's quite sad because when you stop to think- What really matters in life? It's that which you have been able to humble yourself before.

Yesterday, my father got me a USB fan. Really, that's one of the funniest unnecessary inventions ever. It's a fan on a wire so that it can be adjusted to wherever you want it to go. It looks like a giant fly.

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