Monday, November 20, 2006

Living a different life- What if I was a maid?

My mother has a maid who comes in for 3 hours, 5 times a week. I rarely speak with her, except the ocassional salam. Today, the mop bucket water had a funny smell, so I just asked her to add dettol to it. She's much older than me, but I called her by her first name. And after that, as I stepped into the car to get some groceries, I thought... what if I had to do her work? What if destiny had taken everything away from me, and only left me with the option of working as a maid...
What kind of work would I like to do?
I wouldn't mind washing the dishes.. or ironing clothes...

I live in a huge house, and through my life, I've never been refused anything I wanted. Right now, I have access to any of the 3 cars my family has, and I can travel whenever and to wherever I wish.
But if things were to change for the worse- And as a human, I would say, for the worse... then what would happen?
If I had to work as a maid....
I wouldn't like
- If kids call me by my first name, because that's my culture
- Cleaning toilets
- Massaging oil into someone's hair
- Being taunted, if I left some dust in some random corner
- Given leftovers in wierdly-shaped-century-old containers
- Picking up things from the floor that the owner of the room should have had enough discipline to not have throw down in the first place
- Cleaning @ wierd hours in a house located in the middle of no where
- Asked to participate in non-Islamic religious functions
- Taking out tonnes of smelly garbage
- Ugh... doing dirty laundry...
- Getting irregular payments
- Being forced to negotiate my salary
- ...

I'd DEFINITELY wear gloves while doing any work.
Where would I live?
What kind of clothes would I wear?
Would I feel proud of my "profession"?
Would I gossip, if I worked in multiple homes and the families knew each other?
What if I was abused? How would I make ends meet?
All this would be very very difficult. May Allah not test me severely with my health, and wealth.
Iftar time!


Anonymous said...

This got me thinking..
Gee thanks for scaring me Humairah!! Now I've to write a whole buncha exams from GMAT to LSAT to make sure I end up somewhere!

HT said...

I think slavery is still practised in our soceity, but in very different forms. I remember a speaker mentioning (think it was Faraz Rabbani from Sunni Path). The way the maids/slaves/servants are treated is evil..They are human beings too - so stop treating them like objects. They aren't objects that can be bought in the market place!